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A Back-to-Grassroots Approach to Promoting Mustard Oil

Updated: Apr 22

A Back-to-Grassroots Approach to Promoting Mustard Oil
A Back-to-Grassroots Approach to Promoting Mustard Oil

Regular readers of this blog would know that for many years now, we have been proactively promoting the use of mustard oil as one of the healthiest edible oils for the heart, the colon, the gastrointestinal tract and various other parts of the body.

For more than 85 years, we have been the torchbearers for good old traditional Indian cold-pressed Mustard Oil, widely known as “Kachchi Ghani” across North India. Mustard Oil extracted via cold compression is 100 percent natural and it contains no chemicals or additives.

Our widespread activities in championing the cause of Mustard and Mustard Oil are not limited to just consumers – we also believe in an integrated back-to-grassroots approach… going all the way back to the mustard farmer.

Puri Oil Mills Limited – the company that manufactures P Mark Mustard Oil – has strongly been advocating for various interventions by the Government that could help in making mustard cultivation more viable and attractive for Indian farmers, thereby ensuring a steady growth in the annual acreage under mustard cultivation. A few months ago, Vivek Puri, the company’s Managing Director, wrote an article that presented a strategy through which mustard cultivation could be expanded significantly while ensuring that farmers’ incomes also increased – resulting in a win-win situation for both consumers as well as farmers. You can read the article here:

Among other things, the article seeks the development of a National Mustard Policy to ensure that the needs of mustard farmers are taken care of, thereby addressing the issue right from the point of inception of the mustard value chain. This back-to-grassroots approach could go a long way in promoting Mustard Oil and its wide array of health and nutrition benefits.

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