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“A Feeling of Family”

While shooting a series of messages with Boman Irani at the ITC Grand Central in Mumbai, the conversation inevitably veered around to food. After all, Boman is one of Bollywood’s best known foodies. It was a casual, freewheeling chat… unplanned and unscripted – but we kept the camera rolling, and that’s how we got this delightful video clip.

In his own inimitable style, Boman talks about the food he loves – and also (in totally tongue-in-cheek terms) the kind of food he doesn’t care too much for. He takes a good-natured dig at fancy artsy cuisine which is presented with lovely garnishing and decorative add-ons – but in tiny quantities. Like all foodies, Boman likes his helpings large and generous.

While Boman has always known all about the best places to eat in Mumbai since his childhood years, he discovered the delights of north Indian cuisine only when he started shooting for films in places like Delhi and Punjab. A whole new world of culinary experiences opened up for him – tastes and flavours that he had never imagined possible. Coming face to face with Dhaba food gave him his first taste of mustard oil.

In talking about this new experience, Boman has an extremely interesting description for the unique flavour of mustard oil. He calls it “a feeling of family” – because it instantly evokes the nostalgia and emotional stirrings of home-cooked food.

A Feeling of Family – what a lovely way to describe the homely charms of mustard oil!

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