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A Hot Favourite – Re-Engineered

Our journey into the world of healthy home-cooked food continues with another all-time favourite recipe, re-engineered to cut the calories and keep you fit and trim.

Today, we are going to take the ever-popular Kadhai Paneer and make a healthier version by substituting the Paneer with Tofu. In addition to this, we will use low-fat cream, very little sugar and cold-pressed Mustard Oil to create this “upgraded” version of Kadhai Tofu that is high on taste but low on calories. Each serving of this dish has just 39 calories – so even if you fall in love the flavour, you can go ahead and indulge your taste-buds without worrying about going overboard.

Let’s start with the ingredients that you will require.


  1. Tofu: 150 grams

  2. Fresh Tomato Puree: 100 millilitres

  3. Onion, finely chopped: 50 grams

  4. Capsicum, sliced: 50 grams

  5. Dried Fenugreek (Methi) Leaves: 1 teaspoon

  6. Mustard Oil: 2 tablespoons

  7. Ginger-Garlic Paste: 2 teaspoons

  8. Turmeric (Haldi) Powder: Just a pinch

  9. Cumin (Jeera) Powder: 1 teaspoon

  10. Garam Masala: 1 teaspoon

  11. Red Chilli Powder: 1 teaspoon

  12. Low Fat Cream: 2 tablespoons

  13. Sugar: Half a teaspoon

  14. Coriander (Dhania) Leaves: 1 small bunch

  15. Salt: to taste

The ingredients mentioned above are for three servings; adjust the ingredients proportionately to suit the number of servings you require.


Cut the Tofu into small bite-sized cubes

Coarsely chop the coriander leaves.


Heat the Mustard Oil in a pan on a Medium flame. Add the onions and the ginger garlic paste and sauté till the onion pieces take on a light brown colour.

Next, add the fenugreek leaves, turmeric powder, cumin powder, garam masala and red chilli powder. Cook for around three minutes, stirring the mixture at regular intervals.

Now add the tomato puree along with around 60 millilitres of water. Reduce the flame to Low and let the contents cook for around 10 minutes.

Next, add the Tofu pieces, capsicum slices, cream, sugar and salt. Add another 60 millilitres of water and let the contents continue to cook for five minutes or so.

Your Kadhai Tofu is now ready to be served. Transfer the contents to a serving dish and garnish with coriander leaves. This delicious item can be eaten with pretty much anything, but since we are focusing on creating a low-calorie meal, it’s best to avoid rice and have it with Roti instead.

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