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A New Generation Rediscovers Mustard Oil


This blog has often written about the growing support that Mustard Oil has received from cardiologists, medical professionals and scientific researchers. One of the most prominent voices among them is eminent cardiologist Dr. S. C. Manchanda who has strongly been recommending Mustard Oil for heart health across more than two decades. Over the years, the acknowledgement that Mustard Oil is good for the heart has come from global institutions like the Harvard School of Medicine and the American Heart Association.

Now a new generation of healthcare professionals are rediscovering the diverse health benefits of Mustard Oil. Nutritionist and Clinical Dietician, Pooja Makhija believes that Mustard Oil is excellent for cardiovascular health. It has the power to raise the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) at the same time lowering bad cholesterol (LDL). Pooja is a celebrity health guru (she’s the nutritionist who keeps Deepika Padukone fit and in wonderful shape) and her views go a long way in building a contemporary, youthful image for Mustard Oil in the eyes of the current generation.

All this celebrity support has undoubtedly gone a long way in transforming the way the present generation of consumers looks at Mustard Oil. In particular, seasoned stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Boman Irani have been endorsing Mustard Oil as brand ambassadors, joining the eminent group of cardiologists and healthcare professionals in creating a definitive image makeover for Mustard Oil.


A few decades ago, young urban consumers treated Mustard Oil as an old-fashioned product from a bygone era. It is heartening to note that this is no longer the case. Today young consumers take special pride in going back to their grassroots to rediscover the enormous health benefits offered by this ancient oil.


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