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A Parsi Pickle to Tickle your Taste Buds

One of the reasons why Boman Irani is a foodie is that his family has had generations of superb chefs – including his grandmother, his mother and his wife. He has fond childhood memories of relishing a tangy pickle that is typical of old Parsi families – it is also popular in parts of Gujarat. This is a fenugreek-based pickle known as Methianoo Achaar.


Here’s the original recipe especially for those purists who want to make it just the way it has been made across generations.

For starters, this is what you will need…

Green Mangoes with hard seeds (sliced and mixed): 3 Kg

Salt: 1.25 cups

Dry red chillies: 125 g

Fenugreek seeds: 250 g

Cumin seeds: 1 tablespoon

Turmeric powder: 3 tablespoons

Asafoetida: 15 g

Garlic (ground without water): 1 clove

Mustard Seeds (peeled): Half a cup

Mustard Seeds (unpeeled): 2 tablespoons

Sesame Oil: 4 cups

Mustard Oil: 4 cups

Take the red chillies, fenugreek, cumin, turmeric powder and asafoetida and fry them separately in a little sesame oil. Take these fried ingredients and grind them separately. Mix all the ingredients with the mango slices – all the ingredients except the unpeeled mustard seeds. Next, heat the sesame oil and the mustard oil together. Add the unpeeled mustards seeds and let the oil cool.

When the oil reaches room temperature, place the mango mixture in the oil. Pour into a sterilized pickling jar and close the mouth with a muslin cloth. Place in the sun for three to four days (taking the jar indoors at night to avoid any build-up of moisture).

And it’s done! Your authentic Methianoo Achaar is ready to spice up all your meals. Thank you, Boman Irani! What a recommendation! What a pickle!

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