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A Zingy Mustard Sauce… Delicious!

The colonial times had an interesting culinary influence on many Indian recipes. Several Bengali, Maharashtrian, Goan and South Indian dishes evolved in intriguing ways as a result of this influence. Here’s an example – a Mustard Sauce with a strong British accent.


• Dry Mustard: 1 teaspoon

• Brown sugar: 1 tablespoon

• Egg: 1

• White vinegar: 1.5 tablespoons

• Chicken stock: 1.5 tablespoons

• Salt and Pepper – to taste

Lightly beat the egg yolk. Mix it with the brown sugar and mustard. Heat in the top section of a double boiler over hot water. Place on low heat and stir. Increase the heat and add the chicken stock and vinegar – keep stirring. Add salt and pepper to taste. Remove from the heat and allow the mixture to cool slightly. Beat the egg white till it becomes stiff and fold it into the mixture. Place the mixture back on the flame and stir gently over moderate heat. After around three minutes take it off the flame. Your Mustard Sauce is ready.

It has a very different taste from the traditional Indian Mustard Sauce, known as Kasundi in Bengal. This one is ideal for adding zing to your burgers, sandwiches and pizzas. It also makes a tasty dip for chips and fries. Try it – and relive a glorious culinary past!

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