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Acquiring a Taste for Mustard Oil


There is no doubt about the fact that Mustard Oil is an acquired taste. For people who have traditionally used coconut oil and til (sesame) oil, mustard oil may take some getting used to because of its typical pungency and aroma. And yet, Mustard Oil is an enriching experience… a unique flavour… and a gastronomic delight that every food lover should definitely get a taste of.

There’s another angle to keep in mind as well. Mustard Oil is extremely healthy. It’s proven to be great for cardiovascular health. It’s good for your blood pressure. It reduces bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol. It cleanses and detoxifies. It prevents illnesses caused by bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. In short, it’s too good to avoid.

So how does one acquire the “Mustard Taste”? Well, for starters, don’t switch to Mustard Oil as a cooking medium right away. Instead, use it as a delicious gravy (Tadka); if you are non-vegetarian, use it as a marinade; or drizzle it lightly on a salad to add a lip-smacking zing that your regular cooking oil doesn’t give you. Work it gradually into your diet.

Most people who have tried this slow and steady transition to Mustard Oil have no regrets. Like we said: if you are a food lover, the Mustard Experience is not one that you should miss.

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