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All about spider veins and how mustard oil aids its treatment

Angioectasias, commonly known as “spider veins”, is a medical condition where small dilated blood vessels near the surface of skin (epidermis) or mucous membranes. These spider veins are can be developed on any part of the body but are most commonly seen on nose, cheeks and chin but they are also commonly seen on legs. On legs, they are specifically seen on upper thigh, around the ankles and below the knee joint. A person facing this problem may need the medical assistance where physicians who specialize in vein care or vascular disease.

Spider Veins and its Treatment by mustard oil

Spider Veins and its Treatment by mustard oil

Who Gets Spider Veins?

Spider veins are usually caused due to high pressure of blood in veins but it is not necessary that those having higher blood pressure will develop this disease. Reasons for the unparallel behavior is still not know to doctors and scientists, but there are some caused due to hereditary reasons also. Spider veins are prone to people who are getting older. Those people who stand for long hours as profession like nurses and teachers are more likely to develop the higher pressure in blood causing spider veins.

Effective Treatments for Spider Veins

There are two common treatments of this medical condition – • Sclerotherapy • Laser treatment

Apart these clinical treatments there are few natural treatments also and most effective one among those is mustard treatment.

P Mark Mustard Oil

P Mark Mustard Oil

Use of mustard oil in treating spider veins

Mustard Oil message is one of the best remedy for spider veins and it has been a proven over 100 years of home remedies. Massages are actually known to remove pain and relax the veins and muscles of the body. When massage with mustard oil is done on the affected area of spider veins, then it improves the blood circulation and maintains a good flow of blood in those veins. Mustard oil is always known to be fortifying blood circulation and strengthens the blood valves. Sometimes, coconut also is also helpful as it enters into the skin and mends the capillaries.

How to use mustard oil for message

• Warm the mustard oil a little • Apply on the affected area • Tenderly massage the area • Do it twice a day Even after this, if the problem persists, you may need to consult a good physician.

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