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An Ancient Indian Pain Balm

An Ancient Indian Pain Balm

Thousands of years ago, when people went home fatigued after a hard day’s work in their agricultural fields, they had a wonderful, totally natural pain balm that was significantly more effective than the chemical mixtures we apply these days. It’s a formulation that has soothed and healed billions of aching joints and muscles across millenniums – and the formulation is still available today, thanks to the ancient Indian treatises on Ayurveda.

You can make this ancient pain balm at home. All you need are two tablespoons of Mustard Seeds and one tablespoon of cold-pressed Mustard Oil. Grind the Mustard Seeds into a coarse powder. Mix this powder with some warm water; remember, warm water – not hot water. Mustard Seeds contain enzymes with powerful pain-relieving properties, but high temperatures can destroy these enzymes.

To this mixture of warm water and ground mustard seeds, add one tablespoon of Mustard Oil. Mix thoroughly to create a thick, oily paste. Let the paste cool – and your pain balm is ready.

Apply this balm like any other ointment, rubbing it in slow, gentle circles over the painful joints and other afflicted areas, letting the heating effect of the Mustard Oil open up the pores of the skin, allowing the enzymes to work at deeper subcutaneous levels. The relief that follows may build up slowly (like all natural cures) but will be long-lasting with no side-effects.

A formidable combination of Mustard Oil and ancient wisdom – easy to prepare and easy to use!

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