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Back to the “Iron Age”

Thanks to technological advancements, our modern kitchens are filled with a wide variety of non-stick Teflon-coated utensils – but increasingly, nutritionists are now telling people to go back to using traditional iron pans (Kadhai). They may not look as sleek and elegant as their non-stick counterparts but they deliver a very important health benefit.

Well-known nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is among those experts who advise returning to the old-fashioned iron Kadhai. She says a lot of iron deficiencies can be addressed by simply switching to the use of iron utensils for cooking. One can eventually reduce or completely do away with one’s dependence on medicines for correcting iron deficiency.

But – you may ask – what about the convenience of the non-stick feature? Well, there is a simple way to “season” your iron utensils so that they have some non-stick properties. For this you need another traditional healthy product: cold-pressed Mustard Oil.

Heat some Mustard Oil in the iron Kadhai. Use a spatula to rub the hot oil on the sides of the pan. Turn the flame off and let the oil cool down to room temperature. Then wash it off using normal tap water. Wipe the pan clean, dry it and put it away. Do this after every round of cooking. Wash the Kadhai and then season it by following the instructions given above. Over time, your iron Kadhai will develop natural non-stick properties.

With some good old-fashioned cold-pressed Mustard Oil you can season your iron Kadhai to give you a healthy dose of iron every time you cook. It’s good for your gastrointestinal system and your immunity, and also keeps anaemia away.

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