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Beyond Cooking and Eating…


When you ask people to randomly name the cooking oils that they are aware of, the responses are predictable: soybean refined oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, groundnut oil, rice bran oil… and mustard oil. Little do they realize that mustard oil stands apart from all the other options – because it is a lot more than just a cooking oil.

Mustard Oil doesn’t just cook your food, it enhances your health in innumerable ways, protecting you from various diseases and boosting your body’s immune system. Not very many cooking oils can do that for you.

The most dramatic health benefits offered by Mustard Oil stem from the unique chemistry of this oil. In its natural cold-pressed form, Mustard Oil contains life-enhancing antioxidants that help in preventing disorders like atherosclerosis, arthritis, skin problems, dementia and various neurological conditions.

Mustard Oil also contains Vitamin E in the form of alpha tocopherol – an excellent natural antioxidant that protects cells, regulates immune function and ensures endothelial cell integrity.

The pungent principle in Mustard Oil comes from Glucosinolate which has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It also contains allylisothiocyanate (AITC) that has cancer-fighting properties – which is why medical science is now using mustard to treat and prevent colon and colorectal cancer.

The right way to look at Mustard Oil is to go beyond healthy cooking and eating and see it for what it really is: an extremely versatile health tonic!

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