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Boman Irani – A blend of Creativity and Energy

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If you have seen the latest television advertising campaign for P Mark Mustard Oil, you would have noticed that the ad appears to be shot at three different locations: a boxing ring; a conference room; and a modular kitchen. Boman Irani plays three different personalities with radically different personalities: an over-excited out-of-control boxing coach; an overconfident translator who doesn’t know his craft at all; and a smug chef who bungles his way through a demo film.

You can watch the films online right here:

Now here’s an interesting sidelight. All three films were shot on the same day. That’s right! The locations are actually elaborately constructed sets and all the films were shot one after another – with only an intervening lunch break. This is a demonstration of Boman Irani’s amazing energy levels. The ads featuring the boxing coach and the chef comprise pure physical comedy – requiring a significant amount of exertion.

What’s more, it wasn’t just the ad films that were being shot. In between shots, Boman was also doing a series of in-camera messages and posing for still photography shots. On and on and on – no breaks!

And yet, all this pretty extreme exertion did not detract in the least from the delightful creativity that Boman brings to each character. The loud, boisterous and hyper boxing coach bouncing around the ring; the incompetent chef speeding through one disaster after another; the bungling translator blithely ruining an important business meeting; every role is a memorable peek into the sheer versatility of this awesome character actor.

That’s why Boman Irani is a perfect brand ambassador for P Mark Mustard Oil. He’s a perfect blend of creativity and energy… just as the brand represents a perfect blend of purity and quality. Now that’s a well-balanced relationship!

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