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Boman Irani – Small Roles, Big Hits

Boman Irani doesn’t need large, meaty roles to get noticed. Give him just five minutes onscreen and he is sure to leave a lasting impression. He has done so, time and time again in unforgettable roles like Oscar Fernandez (in Honeymoon Travels) and Dinaz Aziz (in Luck by Chance) – small appearances that stand out even though they had very little screen-time as part of the overall story.

The trend continues in 2018. Two huge hits have Boman in small but memorable roles. The first is Parmanu – The Story of Pokhran; the other, Sanju – the much waited Sanjay Dutt biopic.

How does Boman Irani manage to stand out even in small blink-and-you-will-miss-it roles? At P Mark Mustard Oil, we know the answer to this question. No matter how small a role may be Boman always gives it his 100 percent in terms of involvement, preparation and intensity. We have seen him do this across all the television commercials that he has appeared in as the brand ambassador for P Mark Mustard Oil. He doesn’t cut any corners or make any compromises… he simply delivers his very best – and the results are plain to see.

It all boils down to his ability to focus his complete, undivided attention on the essence of the character he is playing. In this one-minute video clip, he describes this ability by narrating a short inspiring story from ancient India… watch it here:

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