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Boman Irani – The Consummate Professional

Boman Irani – The Consummate Professional

One of the interesting aspects Boman discusses is his approach to playing characters. This approach remains consistent regardless of whether he is acting in a play, in a movie – or even in an ad film. The last one might come as a surprise for some readers since celebrities are known to treat ad films and endorsements with a sense of disdain. The Bollywood grapevine tells us that one superstar never comes on time for ad film shoots; he arrives several hours late, and then expects the hapless advertising agency to wind the shoot up in a couple of hours. Another celebrity is known to cancel ad film shoots with no notice… simply because she isn’t “in the mood”.

Of course, all of us at P Mark Mustard Oil know what a consummate professional Boman Irani is when it comes to shooting an ad film. For our most recent film, Boman took on the role of a tabla ustad – for which he actually took tabla lessons!

Also, during the shoot, Boman never cuts corners. Even though all the ad film shoots for P Mark Mustard Oil were all-night affairs, Boman gave each film his undivided attention… shooting for fourteen to fifteen consecutive hours without showing any signs of fatigue! To watch him in action on the sets is truly inspiring.

You can read the complete interview here:

Business Standard Article:

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