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Celebrating Wazwan


The traditional culinary heritage of Kashmir – known as Wazwan – has been an essential element of feasts at Kashmiri weddings, celebrations and festivities for thousands of years. The word “Waz” comes from Waza which is the term for a traditional Kashmiri Chef. “Wan” refers to the place where the Waza cooks – namely, his kitchen. Hence the name Wazwan – the cuisine prepared by a Waza in his special kitchen… his very own creative space.

Mustard Oil is a vital component in all Wazwan dishes… it cannot be substituted with any other oil – because it isn’t just a cooking oil. In Wazwan, Mustard Oil is used as a marinade, a gravy (Tadka), an ingredient and, of course, the sole cooking oil. That’s why copious quantities of Mustard Oil are consumed in the making of Wazwan delicacies.

P Mark Mustard Oil has been a part of the Wazwan story in Kashmir… since 1933. Across generations, every Waza has trusted and relied on P Mark Mustard Oil to preserve the authenticity of their Wazwan preparations. To celebrate this enduring bond with Wazwan, P Mark Mustard Oil is proud to present – in collaboration with News 18 Urdu – a unique five-episode television series called Mezbaan-e-Wazwan. The show features authentic Wazwan recipes, techniques and methods demonstrated by two celebrity chefs: the lively, irrepressible Chef Harpal Sokhi of Turban Tadka fame, and Chef Abbas Bhat – an expert in authentic Wazwan preparations.

This television series is a must for food lovers, cooking enthusiasts and those who love to explore new experiences, new ideas and new flavours. Don’t miss Mezbaan-e-Wazwan… only on News 18 Urdu… all through October till 4th November.

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