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Easing the ‘Ouch!’ Factor


Winter is a time when aches and pains tend to intensify, especially in older persons. The cold weather affects the joints, making them stiff and painful. Instead of reaching for chemical-laden ointments, you can make your very own natural pain balm at home… just like grandma did decades ago when prescription medicines weren’t flying off the shelves at the speed at which they do today.

Grandma knew all about the pain-relieving properties of natural, cold-pressed Mustard Oil. She may not have understood the chemistry of mustard oil – in terms of its powerful anti-inflammatory attributes, but she knew it to be a vanquisher of bodily pain. So here’s what she did.

She took two tablespoons of Mustard Seeds and one tablespoon of cold-pressed Mustard Oil. Next, she would grind the mustard seeds into a coarse powder. She would add a little warm water (not too hot, just warm) and form a thick paste. To this paste she would add the mustard oil and mix thoroughly. Grandma’s pain balm was now ready for use.

The natural heating property of Mustard Oil opens the skin’s pores and allows the balm to penetrate deep inside the skin where the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties begin soothing the pain.

You can make this at home and apply it on stiff joints, aching muscles or other areas that are painful – like your neck after a long stint at your workstation or on sporting injuries that you may sustain at the gym or on the playground. It’s a multipurpose pain balm – easy to make and highly effective.

So remember – Grandma’s remedies have always worked… and now you too can continue the tradition.

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