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Egg Lovers’ Delight

Our quest for exciting snacks leads us to a quick egg-based recipe today. If you are an egg-lover, you will love this one! It’s called Egg and Cheese Fries.

Here are the ingredients that you will need.


  1. Eggs: 6

  2. Cheese, grated: 100 grams

  3. Onion: 1, medium sized

  4. Tomato: 1

  5. Mustard Oil: 50 millilitres

  6. All Purpose Flour (Maida): 150 grams

  7. Corn Flour: 1 tablespoon

  8. Breadcrumbs: 100 grams

  9. Red Chilli Flakes: 2 tablespoons

  10. Black Pepper Powder: 2 teaspoons

  11. Salt: 2 teaspoons

The quantities mentioned above are for serving four persons with three pieces each. Adjust the quantities proportionately to suit the number of servings you require.


Boil the eggs, remove the shells and slice each egg vertically down the middle. Remove the yolk from the eggs and gather it (the yolk) in a bowl.

Finely chop the onion.

Finely chop the tomato.

In a mixing bowl, add the flour, corn flour, black pepper powder, a tablespoon of red chilli flakes and a teaspoon of salt. Mix well. Add water, a little at a time, to create a smooth batter. Keep aside.

Spread the breadcrumbs on a tray or a plate.

Next, let’s prepare the stuffing for your Egg and Cheese Fries. In another mixing bowl, add the egg yolk (that you had kept aside earlier from the boiled eggs) along with the onion, tomato, grated cheese, a tablespoon of red chilli flakes and a teaspoon of salt. Mix well and keep aside.


Take each halved slice of egg and dip it in the batter. Then roll the egg in the breadcrumbs ensuring the piece gets evenly coated. Do this for all 12 pieces of egg.

Heat half the Mustard Oil (around 25 millilitres) in a frying pan on a Medium flame. Fry each batter and breadcrumbs-coated piece of egg till it turns golden brown in colour. Ensure even frying on both sides.

Let the fried pieces cool down till you can comfortably touch them.

Next, fill the cavity of each fried piece of egg with the stuffing.

Take the remaining Mustard Oil in another pan. Carefully place the stuffed egg slices in the pan with the stuffing side up. Cover the pan and let the contents cook on a Medium flame for around 5 minutes or so. Then turn the flame off.

Your Egg and Cheese Fries are now ready. Serve them hot with ketchup or chilli sauce. And if you want to heighten the flavour of cheese, sprinkle some grated cheese over the tops of the fries before serving.

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