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Indo-British Egg-Mustard Sandwich: A Delightful Fusion

Updated: Jun 7

Indo-British Egg-Mustard Sandwich
Indo-British Egg-Mustard Sandwich

India’s colonial past created an exciting melting pot of British and European culinary influences mingling seamlessly with Indian cooking styles to create a fascinating array of crossover cuisines. Adventurous Indian chefs with an experimental bent of mind used traditional Indian ingredients, spices and oils to recreate British dishes in local kitchens, and the results of this intriguing fusion continue to delight food lovers even today.

Many of these crossover creations emerged from the major Presidency towns during the colonial era – places like Calcutta (now Kolkata), Bombay (now Mumbai) and Madras (now Chennai). Across these towns, quintessential English breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes were being recreated in innovative ways. In today’s post, we are going to explore a breakfast snack that exemplifies this intermingling of culinary styles. We are going to take the typically British egg sandwich and add a spicy dash of Indian mustard to create an all-new flavour.

Let’s get started on our delicious Egg-Mustard Sandwich. Here are the ingredients that you will require.

Ingredients for Egg-Mustard Sandwich

  1. Eggs: 8

  2. Bread: 16 slices

  3. P Mark Mustard Oil: 2 tablespoons

  4. Mustard Seeds (Rai): 2 tablespoons

  5. Green Chillies: 2

  6. Butter: for applying on the toast

  7. Salt: to taste

The quantities mentioned above are for preparing four servings with four pieces of sandwich on each plate. Adjust the quantities proportionately to suit the number of servings that you require.

Preparation for Egg-Mustard Sandwich

Boil the eggs. To do this, immerse the eggs in water in a pan and turn the heat up to High to bring the water to a boil. Once the water begins to boil, turn the flame down to Medium and use a timer to allow the eggs to boil for three minutes. Then turn the flame off. Let the eggs cool down to room temperature. Carefully remove the shells. Keep the eggs aside.

Use a mortar and pestle to grind the mustard seeds into a paste. Add a little water to get the consistency of the paste right.

Finely chop the green chillies.

Cooking Method of Egg-Mustard Sandwich

Take the boiled eggs in a mixing bowl and mash them using a fork or by using your hands. You should ideally get a nice, slightly moist and crumbly texture.

To the mixing bowl, add the mustard seed paste, the Mustard Oil, green chillies and salt. Mix well. The filling for your sandwiches is now ready.

Use an electric toaster or an iron griddle to toast the slices of bread. If you are using a griddle, turn the slices over to ensure even toasting on both sides. These sandwiches come out really well when the bread is lightly toasted so make sure you don’t make the toast too crisp.

When the toast is ready, apply butter to one side of each toast. Carefully place the egg filling on the buttered side of the toast. Then cover it with another slice of toast with the buttered surface facing downwards.

You now have eight square-shaped egg sandwiches. Cut each sandwich diagonally in half to create two triangle-shaped sandwiches. Arrange these sandwiches on plates with four sandwich pieces on each plate.

Your Indo-British Egg-Mustard Sandwich is now ready. Serve them with hot cups of tea or coffee. You can also accentuate the mustard flavour by having these sandwiches with a traditional (and delightfully pungent) Bengali mustard sauce called Kasundi. This simple sandwich also demonstrates an interesting attribute of Mustard Oil. It is an exciting flavouring agent that can be used in its raw form. It adds an enticing new dimension to the overall taste of the sandwiches.

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