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Exotic Wazwan in all its Authentic Glory

The all-new television series called Mezbaan-e-Wazwan has been on air since 6th October 2018 on the News 18 Urdu channel. Presented by P Mark Mustard Oil, the show has already created quite a stir – backed by extensive media coverage, especially in Kashmir… the home of Wazwan. You can read one of the many news reports here:

For those readers who may have missed the show, you can watch the first episode online… right here:

Mezbaan-e-Wazwan is a unique five-episode television series featuring authentic Wazwan recipes, techniques and methods demonstrated by two highly respected chefs: Chef Harpal Sokhi of Turban Tadka and Namak Shamak fame, and Chef Abbas Bhat – an expert in authentic Wazwan preparations.

The show takes food lovers and cooking enthusiasts deep into the art of Wazwan, exploring in depth the authentic ingredients, marinating methods, cooking styles and preparation methods that Wazas (traditional Wazwan chefs) have used for thousands of years. It also provides fascinating insights into the many ways in which cold-pressed Mustard Oil plays a vital role in creating the rich flavours and heady aromas that constitute the very essence of Wazwan.

The step-by-step recipes featured on the show will enable viewers to recreate the wonders of Wazwan in their own kitchens. So watch the show… and try the recipes!

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