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Face-to-Face with Mustard Oil

Face-to-Face with Mustard Oil

However, there is a host of traditional natural treatments that can be highly effective if these are applied regularly.

Marks and small scars on the skin can be removed using cold-pressed Mustard Oil. A few drops rubbed on the mark or scar three to four times a day will lead to a reduction and – in the long run – removal of the mark/scar.

Here’s another simple beauty treatment. You can keep your face bright and glowing with a natural Mustard Oil Face Mask that you can make at home. Simply mix Mustard Oil, flour and curd together; add five drops of lemon juice. Mix thoroughly to form an even paste. Apply this regularly on your face as a natural Face Mask. It will keep your face glowing and will remove any spots or marks.

Who needs chemicals when you have the power of natural cold-pressed Mustard Oil on your side?

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