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Five Ways to Use Mustard Oil


Of the many options available among cooking oils, Mustard Oil is probably the most versatile oil you can find. There’s so much you can do with it… without compromising on your health. In today’s post, we look at five ways to use Mustard Oil in your everyday life.

  1. #1: Cook Healthy Food

Natural cold-pressed Mustard Oil is a very healthy oil for cooking. It offers enormous health benefits – cardiac, vascular, gastrointestinal and digestive – in addition to lending food a characteristic flavour and aroma. Mustard Oil has one of the most healthy fatty acid profiles and is least absorbed in your food while cooking.

  1. #2: Delicious Gravy

In many culinary styles like Kashmiri, Bengali and Punjabi food, Mustard Oil is used to make rich, tasty (yet healthy) gravies that create great dining experiences.

  1. #3: Preservative for Pickles

India would not have had such a mind-boggling array of diverse pickles had it not been for the natural preservative properties that Mustard Oil has. Moreover, the antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal attributes of Mustard Oil ensure that the pickles remain free from any moulds or pathogens that could make the pickles unfit for human consumption.

  1. #4: Natural Skincare

The high levels of natural Vitamin E in Mustard Oil made it ideal for keeping skin healthy, soft, moisturized and supple. Moreover, the antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties of this oil go a long way in preventing skin infections and disorders.

  1. #5: Natural Hair Care

For thousands of years, ancient Ayurvedic formulations and home remedies have made use of Mustard Oil as an excellent tonic for keeping hair strong, lustrous and healthy. The heating properties of the oil enable it to penetrate deep into the scalp and strengthen the hair strands right from the roots. Also, by naturally moisturizing the scalp, the use of Mustard Oil prevents dandruff.

So there you have it – five excellent ways to use Mustard Oil in your everyday life. The next time you go shopping for Mustard Oil, make sure it is pure, cold-pressed oil… and buy a larger pack too!

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