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From the Royal Kitchen


The royal chefs from the kitchens of the Nawabs were famed for their deft handling of spices. Here is one of the regal recipes from those times – a preparation that continues to be hugely popular as a dish for weddings, festivities and other celebrations. This is India’s famous Chicken Masala.

The ingredients required for making this legendary dish are:

  1. Chicken, boneless: 1 Kilogram

  2. Yoghurt (Dahi): 300 grams

  3. Lemons: 4

  4. Gram Flour: 2 tablespoon

  5. Raw Papaya Paste: 1 teaspoon

  6. Ginger Paste: 2 tablespoon

  7. Mustard Oil: 300 millilitres

  8. Mint (Pudina): 1 small bunch

  9. Green Chillies: 4

  10. White Cumin (Safed Jeera) Powder: 1 teaspoon

  11. Black Peppercorns, crushed: 1 teaspoon

  12. Red Chilli Powder: 1 tablespoon

  13. Bihari Masala: 2 tablespoon

  14. Salt: to taste


Wash and finely slice the mint.

Slice the green chillies.

Extract the juice from the lemons.

Sauté the gram flour in a little mustard oil.

Create a marinade using the mint, green chillies, lemon juice, yoghurt, white cumin powder and black pepper. Marinate the boneless chicken pieces with this mixture. Add the sautéed gram flour, red chilli powder, Bihari Masala, raw papaya paste, ginger paste and salt. Mix thoroughly – and keep aside for at least half an hour to allow the marinade to sink deep into the chicken pieces.


Heat the Mustard Oil in a pan on Medium heat. When the oil begins smoking, add the marinated chicken pieces along with the mixture of spices. Cook till the chicken is done.

Once the chicken is done, reduce heat to Low and allow the contents of the pan to simmer for around five minutes.

Your Chicken Masala is now ready to be served. This is usually eaten with Roti or Naan. Enjoy your regal meal, Your Highness!

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