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Good Things are Worth Waiting For

P Mark Mustard Oil

P Mark Mustard Oil

In the culinary arts, there are many processes that take a lot of time. For instance, the process of marinating used in many meat dishes takes a significant amount of time. Regular readers of this blog would remember the time when we were writing in detail on Wazwan cooking methods and recipes; some of those recipes involved overnight marinating of the meat. The result of such prolonged marination is meat that is delightfully soft with a spongy, easy-to-chew texture.

Likewise, the Dam Phukt cooking technique commonly used in Persian, North West Frontier and Awadhi cuisines involves slow cooking – the dish is sealed and allowed to simmer on a low flame for an extended period of time. This process ensures a slow, controlled release of juices and flavours by the herbs, spices and other ingredients. Also, the natural aroma of the various ingredients is retained.

As you can see, all these processes need time – but they are certainly worth the wait. You could say the same thing about Mustard Oil. You have to first heat the oil on a medium flame till it reaches its smoking point. The oil emits wisps of white smoke and takes on a rich golden colour with a silky texture and an enchanting aroma. The oil is now ready for cooking. Certainly worth the wait!

Mustard Oil has a high smoking point in comparison with other cooking oils. The great thing is that it retains all its nutritional value when it reaches its smoking point. The natural vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients… everything remains intact.

In this era of life-on-the-run, some people complain that it takes too long to cook in Mustard Oil. Do remember, health is an issue that cannot be rushed. The good things in life are always worth waiting for.

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