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Granny’s Wisdom


Grandma was always right. Yes, she may have been quaintly old-fashioned, even outdated in today’s technology-dominated world… but in matters of food, health and ancient home remedies, she was leagues ahead. Come on, admit it – nobody ever came close to matching her culinary brilliance and the infallible efficacy of her home remedies. She was head chef and family doctor rolled into one!

If you grew up in the northern or eastern parts of India, then one of the “magic ingredients” in Grandma’s kitchen was Mustard Oil… in all its rich, golden, silky, aromatic glory. Its fragrance filled the kitchen when she cooked; its golden color imbued the food (especially the gravies) with a rich yellow hue and its delightful pungency hit the taste-buds with a tangy punch.

Today, you can pull those old handwritten recipes out and try to make them come alive once again – but without the help of traditional cold-pressed Mustard Oil, you’ll never be able to recreate that magic. Devika, a Delhi-based housewife, fondly remembers her Dadi’s old tattered-and-torn recipe book. In every recipe, her late grandmother had made it a point to double-underline the words “Mustard Oil”!

Grandma’s generation probably never knew complicated words like cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and hypertension – but Mustard Oil helped keep these problems far away from their lives. Today, medical science is rediscovering the heart-healthy properties of Mustard Oil. The Harvard School of Public Health has a landmark study which reveals that a diet with mustard oil as the main cooking medium can reduce the risk of coronary artery disease by over 70 percent.

Like we said right at the beginning: Grandma was always right!

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