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Happiness is not inside your Belly… it’s inside your Head

Boman Irani is a self-confessed foodie and he’s got good reasons for being one. Right from his early childhood to the present, Boman Irani has always been surrounded by great cooks – his grandmother, his mother and now his wife; so good food has always been a tradition in the Irani family, across generations.

However, being a celebrity in the movie industry means that one can’t always eat whatever one likes. One has to be fit; one has to stay in shape – or in Boman’s case, change shape in line with the demands of role. All of us have marvelled at Boman’s many onscreen avatars – from the paunchy Professor Virus in 3 Idiots to the lean, mean Vardaan in Don 2. He makes these amazing transformations by controlling his diet to get under the skin of his characters. By changing his face and shape, he actually becomes Professor Virus, Vardaan and all those other amazing characters that he has played over the years.

In this delightful video clip, Boman talks about how to eat right, how to enjoy your food and most importantly – he shares his grandfather’s technique for avoiding overeating. Very interesting! If you too are a member of the foodie club, don’t miss it!

In this video, Boman also talks about the stomach-mind connection: he emphasizes the importance of remaining in a happy frame of mind while eating. This helps you truly enjoy and relish the food you’re eating. He points out that if you’re happy inside your head, your heart and everything else will be fine.

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