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Hot Questions

Hot Questions

As the summer heat begins to set in, many people start wondering whether it’s a good idea to use a hot oil like Mustard Oil in summer. Will it heat up my system? Will it make me uncomfortable? Is it healthy to continue using Mustard Oil in the Indian summer? These are some of the “hot” questions that we will answer in this post.

For starters, it’s a misconception that Mustard Oil has a heating effect on the human body. Yes, it is a hot oil. Its heating action makes it ideal for enhancing the efficacy of key ingredients in home remedies and Ayurvedic formulations. This heating action also enhances the flavours of certain spices and ingredients in the dishes that you cook. But it doesn’t make you feel hot – or hotter, in summer.

In fact, summer is a season when you should be consuming more Mustard Oil. It’s a season of digestive problems and constipation. Mustard Oil stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and bile, and in the process, it tones up your digestive system. Mustard Oil also improves the peristaltic movement of your intestines and, therefore, prevents constipation.

Summer is also a time of bothersome illnesses and ailments. With its powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, Mustard Oil is your ally for fighting infections in summer. You can keep your gastrointestinal tract and other organs of your body infection-free all through the summer months.

Furthermore, many parts of India have a moist summer, with high levels of humidity. This leads to dust and grime accumulating on the skin. Mustard Oil helps to open up the pores of the skin and flush out toxins – thereby cleansing your system.

More importantly, Mustard Oil is proven to be an ideal oil for keeping your heart healthy. You can’t stop taking care of your heart, only because of the summer heat, can you?

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