Puri Oil Mills Limited has also ventured into small hydropower projects. The foray commenced with the allotment of three independent sites in the picturesque surroundings of the upper Kullu Valley and the Mandi district where the water supply is almost perennial. The Chaksi Plant is fully functional and is generating 2.4 MW. Uhl (14 MW) and Killi Behl (7.5 MW) located in the state of Himachal pradesh will soon be executed. Of the four sites in the state of Haryana, two are located in the villages of Khukni (District: Yamunanagar) and Mussapur (District: Karnal). The sites which have a potential for generating 2.8 MW are located just 10 kilometres away from Ladwa, an important timber centre. Mussapur was commissioned on 17th June 2011 while Khukni was commissioned a few months later on 31st August 2011. The other two sites located in the state of Haryana are Khajuri and Mainmatti – they have a generating potential of 2.7 MW and 2.3 MW respectively. Puri Oil Mills Limited also proposes to explore the possibility of evacuating and transferring power to its own mustard oil manufacturing facilities in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana – a move that will constitute a pioneering backward integration initiative on the part of the company.