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Podcast Manager


About the Role

Experience: Minimum:  5 to 8 Years

Salary: As per industry standard

Industry: FMCG / Manufacturing (Mustard Oil and Edible Oil)

Qualification: Bachelor Degree Journalism, Media Studies or related field – Experience in podcast production projects.

Roles and Responsibilities :

  1. Develop podcast concepts and formats that align with the company's vision and target audience.

  2. Plan and schedule podcast episodes, including topics, guests, and production timelines.

  3. Coordinate all aspects of podcast production, including recording sessions, editing, and post-production.

  4. Collaborate with hosts, guests, and contributors to ensure high-quality content and engaging discussions.

  5. Manage podcast publishing and distribution on various platforms (e.g., Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts).

  6. Monitor podcast performance and audience engagement metrics; adjust strategies as needed to maximize reach and impact.

  7. Stay updated on industry trends, podcasting best practices, and emerging technologies to continually enhance podcast quality and effectiveness.

  8. Develop and implement promotional strategies to grow podcast listenership and expand audience reach.

  9. Build and maintain relationships with industry professionals, potential guests, and podcast partners.

Required Preferred Skills

  • Experience in scriptwriting or content development for audio platforms.

  • Knowledge of SEO and digital marketing strategies for podcast promotion.

  • Understanding of copyright laws and licensing agreements related to podcast content.

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