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Mustard Research
& Development Partner

Pan India

About the Role



MRPC, the R&D Wing of Puri Oil Mills Limited, invites research organisations to join hands for scientific research, product development and innovation in the domain of Mustard – spanning the entire Mustard value chain including mustard oil, mustard variants and value-added mustard-based products.

Puri Oil Mills Limited is a leading producer of mustard oil which is marketed under the brand name of P Mark Mustard Oil. The company is guided by a Vision to be acknowledged as the Last Word in Mustard. The company established an in-house research entity called MRPC in 1999 pooling the knowledge and capabilities of scientists from various fields including agriculture, oil technology and food science to name a few.

In an environment characterised by globalisation, intense competition and rising R&D costs, collaboration has emerged as a viable model for sustaining technological advancement. We believe that a collaborative R&D partnership will be reinforced through mutual interdependence. For such collaborative projects Puri Oil Mills Limited will provide the requisite financial and technical support.

Interested research organisations may send a brief introduction along with credentials to support their domain expertise and R&D capabilities on or before 31st July 2022 using the format given here:

[Kindly download this form, fill it up and upload it on the choose file option of the career section]

1. Name of the Institute

2. Title of the proposed Project

3. Specify the nature of the proposal

4. State whether the subject falls within the mandate of the Institute; the mandate can also be explained here

5. Objectives of the Project.

6. Brief description of the benefits to be accrued from the Project, both in terms of productivity and scientific knowledge.

7. Specify keywords (5 to 8) that are relevant to the project objectives and outcomes


8. Name of the Collaborating Institute(s), if any

In this field, specify the name(s) of the institute(s) that will be collaborating with the Lead Institute where the CC-PI of the project is located and where some of the activities of the project will be executed

9. Sponsoring/collaborating/funding (in case of grant-in-aid project) agency:

a. Name and Address

b. Status:

· Indian: Central Government/Government Undertaking/State Government/Private organisation/NGO/Others (please specify)

· Foreign: U.N agency/CGIAR Institute/Private Organisation/Other International Agency (please specify)

10. Activities of collaborator/sponsor/funding agency in brief:

a) Details of previous research projects with sponsor/collaborating/funding agency, if any, with the applicant Institute/other Indian institution(s)

b) Details if any, available on R&D projects taken up and/or funded by the sponsor/collaborator in the past in its own country or any other country

c) Genesis of the origin of the project


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