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“Made in India Kyun Nahin?”


In a recent press interview, Boman Irani revealed that he was going to be a part of a new film starring Rajkumar Rao; the title of the movie is: Made in China.

The movie title brought a smile to the faces of all of us at P Mark Mustard Oil because it brought back memories of an iconic line spoken by Boman Irani (who has been the Brand Ambassador for P Mark Mustard Oil for over half-a-decade now): Made in India Kyun Nahin?

The context of the line is as follows. The ad shows a young modern-day lady shopping at a departmental store. She is browsing through the enormous variety of oils in the Edible Oils section, muttering to herself: “Made in USA, Made in Malaysia, Made in Italy…” Boman Irani pops up on the other side of the aisle and asks: Made in India Kyun Nahin?

That one simple five-word question encompasses the very essence of everything that P Mark Mustard Oil has believed in for over 80 years… since 1933. We are proud to be an innately Indian brand making an innately Indian product using a traditional cold-pressing method (Kolhu) that is innately India.

We congratulate Boman Irani on his new film… and as he begins rehearsing for Made in China, we would like to ask him (in jest, of course): Made in India Kyun Nahin?

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