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Make it Sizzle!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The Steak Sizzler was developed in 1958 by two California-based restaurateurs, Helen and Del Johnson. The name was derived from the sizzling sound that the steak made when it was placed on a hot plate.

Inspired by the American steak sizzler, a Parsi chef named Firoz Erani in Mumbai created an Indian version with local spices and ingredients.

We always think of the sizzler as a non-vegetarian dish – but some innovative chefs have created a Vegetable Steak Sizzler that uses a potato cutlet as a replacement for meat. Does this represent a compromise? The answer is “No” and you need to experience this vegetarian version of the sizzler to know what we mean.

So that’s the dish we will be preparing today – the Vegetable Steak Sizzler. Here are the ingredients that you will require.


  1. Potatoes: 4

  2. Mix of Vegetables (Peas, Capsicum, Carrots and Beans): 50 grams each

  3. Indian Cottage Cheese (Paneer): 100 grams

  4. Green Chillies: 4

  5. Breadcrumbs: 6 tablespoons

  6. Mustard Oil: 100 millilitres

  7. Butter: 4 tablespoons

  8. Jaggery: 4 tablespoons

  9. Tomato Ketchup: 4 tablespoons

  10. Soya Sauce: 1 teaspoon

  11. Vinegar: 2 tablespoons

  12. Tamarind (Imli) Juice: 2 tablespoons

  13. Cloves (Laung): 4

  14. Garlic (Lasun): 4 cloves

  15. Bay Leaf (Tej Patta): 1

  16. Coriander (Dhania) Leaves: 1 tablespoons

  17. Red Chilli Powder: 3 teaspoon

  18. Cumin (Jeera) Powder: 1 teaspoon

  19. Black Pepper Powder: to taste

  20. Salt: to taste

The quantities mentioned above are for preparing a single plated serving. Adjust the quantities proportionately to suit the number of servings that you require.


Peel, wash and boil the potatoes till they become soft. Then mash them.

Chop the capsicum, carrots and beans into small pieces and mix them together in a bowl.

Cut the Indian cottage cheese in small pieces. Boil it and then crumble it.

Finely chop the green chillies. Divide them into two parts: three chillies for the cutlets and one chilli for the barbecue sauce.

Pell, wash and finely chop the garlic cloves.

Coarsely chop the coriander leaves.


We are going to begin by preparing the vegetable cutlets for this dish. In a mixing bowl, take the mashed potatoes, peas, capsicum, carrots and beans along with the Indian cottage cheese. Add the three green chillies, coriander leaves, a teaspoon of red chilli powder and half a teaspoon of cumin powder. Also add black pepper powder and salt to taste. Mix well and use your hands to shape the mixture into two large round or oval cutlets.

Spread the breadcrumbs out on a tray. Coat each cutlet in breadcrumbs. Ensure that each cutlet is evenly coated.

Heat the Mustard Oil in a pan on a High flame. When the oil reaches its smoking point and begins to emit streams of aromatic white smoke, reduce the flame to Medium.

Deep-fry the cutlets till they turn golden brown in colour.

Next, let’s make the barbecue sauce that gives this dish its authentic and characteristic flavour. In another pan, heat the butter on a Low flame. To the hot butter add the bay leaf, cloves and the remaining half-teaspoon of cumin powder. Also add the garlic and sauté for around half a minute or so.

Now add the jaggery; tomato ketchup; soya sauce; vinegar; and tamarind juice. Also add the remaining two teaspoons of red chilli powder along with black pepper powder and salt to taste. Then add around 100 millilitres of water. Cook on a low flame, stirring gently till the sauce takes on the desired consistency.

Your Vegetable Steak Sizzler is now ready – but a large part of the attraction of this dish lies in the way in which it is presented. Here’s how it’s usually done. Heat an iron tava (griddle) and arrange some cabbage leaves and vegetables on it. Then put the two cutlets on top. Finally, pour the barbecue sauce over the top of the dish. As soon as you do this, the dish will begin to sizzle – which means it is time to serve it. Place the tava on a wooden base (ideally one that has a handle) and serve your Vegetable Steak Sizzler.

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