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Make Safe Choices

“Stay Safe” – that’s the appeal that is ringing out across the world as this unprecedented pandemic stalks humankind, spreading its tentacles across almost every country. Preventive steps are of utmost importance at a time like this and that’s why doctors and scientists are advising everyone to wear face masks, wash and sanitize their hands frequently, and maintain social distancing to avoid transmitting or catching the COVID-19 virus.

It is important to remember that this virus attacks the body through the respiratory system – entering either through the nose or the mouth, and eventually inflaming the lungs, bronchi and bronchioles. Recent research indicates that it also causes inflammation of the heart.

One of the many ways of preventing viral attacks and inflammation is the use of cold-pressed Mustard Oil, which has among the highest levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids across all vegetarian food sources. Omega-3, a rare nutrient that your body cannot manufacture on its own, is known to prevent inflammation and strengthen both the respiratory and the immune system.

This does not, in any manner, imply that Mustard Oil can be used to cure or prevent COVID-19. But it can definitely be useful in helping your body keep inflammation at bay. In particular, with its powerful antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, Mustard Oil can be used for clearing your nasal cavity and respiratory tract. Try this simple home remedy.

In a large pan, heat water and bring it to a boil. When the water starts boiling, add two tablespoons of cold-pressed Mustard Oil along with a teaspoon of crushed ginger and a teaspoon of cumin (Jeera) seeds. Continue boiling this mixture for another 30 seconds and then turn the flame off. Place your face carefully over the pan, cover your head with a towel (to prevent the fumes from escaping) and breathe in the steam.

Now is the time to make safe choices; choose masks, sanitizers, hand-washing, social distancing practices and daily mustard oil-infused steam inhalation to protect yourself from Coronavirus. 

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