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Mission Jumpstart: Empowering Young Female Athletes in India

Updated: 2 days ago

In our commitment to spotlighting our Corporate Social Responsibility (”CSR”) initiatives, we sat down with Tejasvini Puri, Director and Chairperson of the CSR Committee at Puri Oil Mills, to discuss our latest CSR initiative, Mission Jumpstart. This initiative aims to empower young female athletes from marginalized communities in India, promoting health, fitness, and equality in sports.

Tejasvini Puri talks about empowering female athletes in India
Tejasvini Puri talks about empowering female athletes in India

Q: Could you tell us more about Mission Jumpstart?

Tejasvini Puri: Absolutely! Mission Jumpstart is a collaboration with Edify Sports and the Khiladi Foundation. We launched this initiative to empower young female athletes by providing them with the resources they need to succeed. On April 11, 2024, we held athletic trials at Thyagraj Stadium in New Delhi, targeting girls under the age of 14 from marginalized communities. We selected the top 10 beneficiaries based on their speed and endurance. Each of these young athletes will receive a nutrition supply worth ₹54,000 per year, and they will be coached and monitored by seasoned professionals.

Mission Jumpstart
Mission Jumpstart

Q: Why did the CSR committee choose to focus on this particular issue?

Tejasvini Puri: We strongly feel that health is multifaceted, encompassing both nutrition and physical fitness. While we are closely associated with nutrition, as a CSR committee, we want to work on the second as well. One of our goals is to build a conducive sporting ecosystem that is accessible at all levels and across different communities. There is a critical need for gender parity and monetary support to increase Indian representation at the international level. With Mission Jumpstart, we primarily focus on girls and their athletic ambitions, providing support through nutrition.

Q: Why focus specifically on underprivileged female athletes?

Tejasvini Puri: Our initiative's name, "Jumpstart," reflects our goal to elevate potential athletes from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to a level playing field. Typically, successful athletes come from affluent backgrounds because excelling in sports requires significant resources like good nutrition, proper kits, and coaching. Unfortunately, underprivileged communities lack access to these essentials. By focusing on these girls, we aim to bring all potential athletes who are getting left behind into the fold due to a lack of resources.

Q: Can you tell us about the values that guide the CSR committee at Puri Oil Mills?

Tejasvini Puri: Puri Oil Mills was established in 1933, and we've been actively giving back to society long before the formal concept of CSR was introduced. When CSR regulations came into play, we embraced them enthusiastically. Although CSR is a mandatory requirement for private limited companies, we view it differently. The scope of activities we can contribute to is vast, ranging from promoting culture and sports to enhancing nutrition. We approach CSR with an open mind, choosing not to limit our efforts to areas that solely benefit our brand or products. Instead, we strive to think creatively and step beyond the conventional boundaries. Accordingly, each year, we identify different focus areas. This year, we are concentrating on nutrition, women's empowerment, and promoting sports in India. Mission Jumpstart is a perfect reflection of these priorities, where we support the nutritional needs of girl athletes from underprivileged backgrounds.

Way Forward

Mission Jumpstart is just one of many initiatives we are proud of at Puri Oil Mills. It embodies our broader commitment to CSR, focusing on making a tangible impact in various areas of society. Stay tuned to know more about our other CSR Initiatives.

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