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Oil Choices… Something to Think About

In this short film, Boman Irani jokingly talks about something that many of us do when we go shopping. We are drawn towards “imported” stuff very easily… fascinated by tags like ‘Made in USA’, ‘Made in Germany’, etc. Boman points out that in doing so we sometimes miss out on the things that are innately Indian and are actually better than what the world can offer.

For instance, when it comes to choosing a healthy cooking oil, India has quite a few healthy choices – like Mustard Oil. There is really no need to go running after international brands that are pretty looking and are attractively packaged… but aren’t really healthy from the point of view of nutrition, heart health and suitability for tropical climates. On the other hand, an option like Mustard Oil has been around for thousands of years, has been used by generations of consumers, and is widely acknowledged for its health benefits – even by members of the medical and scientific fraternities.

That’s why Boman makes a good point when he asks us to trust and believe in India’s Oil – Mustard Oil.

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