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Passion makes all the Difference

Boman Irani Housefull 5 - Snapshot from trailor

Boman Irani has had a dream run as a character actor with a difference, known for a dazzling variety of multifaceted roles – and a success graph that continues rising every year. Looking back on his early years, Boman has a vivid recollection of some simple words of advice given to him by his grandmother. She said: You don’t always have to be a big shot or a millionaire; it doesn’t matter if you are a roadside cobbler – just make sure that you are the best cobbler in the entire area.

Her words resonated deeply within the young Boman – and he soon discovered that the way to be the best is to go about one’s work with passion. At that time, Boman was working as a waiter at the Taj Hotel. He started right at the bottom – literally! He was in Room Service which was in the basement of the building. Paraphrasing his Grandma’s golden words, he told himself that it didn’t matter if he was a waiter – he would make sure he was the best waiter in the hotel. Eventually, his passion propelled him to the top – again literally. Soon he was working at Rendezvous, the elegant and exclusive rooftop French restaurant at the Taj.

But there was always a sense of restlessness stirring within Boman – his creative spirit. He wanted to be a professional photographer. So he saved up all the tips he got at the Taj and eventually bought a camera – and once again, he gave it his all. He worked as a photographer’s assistant in Chennai, learning the trade… getting hands-on exposure to the work that photography entailed. This culminated in a decade-long stint as a successful professional photographer.

The passion that drives Boman is clearly visible in the mind-boggling variety of personas that he brings to life on the screen. He says he never signs on for a role unless he is sure that he can give it his 100 percent. That’s why you’ll never see Boman in a lacklustre or disappointing performance – even in an awful movie; or in a tiny guest appearance for that matter. Honeymoon Travels wasn’t a great movie but Boman’s role as Oscar, a middle-aged Goan man remarrying late in life, leaves an indelible impression in the minds and hearts of the audience. Again, his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it guest appearance as a shipping magnate in a two-minute scene with Dimple Kapadia and Rishi Kapoor in Luck by Chance is amazingly believable – and memorable. In both these roles, it is Boman’s passion that is the defining factor.

In the case of P Mark Mustard Oil (for which Boman Irani is the brand ambassador), once again it is this selfsame passion for purity, quality and excellence that drives the brand to new heights. This passion translates into a vision to be “The last word in Mustard”. Driven by this passion, the brand’s in-house R&D facilities work tirelessly to develop value-added products and innovative variants. It is this passion that has enabled the brand to enjoy the loyal, unstinting support of millions of customers across three generations.

And it is this passion that creates an enduring bond between Boman Irani and Brand P Mark – both believe in giving their 100 percent to everything that they do; both have an overarching passion to be the best.

Flex Board - The Mustard Specialist
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