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Real People… Real Connections


The inhabitants of Tinsel Town sometimes seem to be from another planet! They don’t appear to understand the real world at all. However, of all the celebrities in the Indian film industry, Boman Irani is definitely one of the most down-to-earth ones, firmly grounded in the realities of everyday life. In fact, he has – on several occasions – pointed out that film stars cannot live in a bubble. They must remain connected with the human condition if they wish to be true to their art.

Boman believes that actors need to stay connected with real people and real situations – otherwise, it becomes difficult to convincingly play roles that depict the stark realities of the human condition.

Boman is currently playing the role of Nobel Laureate and child rights crusader Kailash Satyarthi in a movie titled Jhalki. It is a role that cannot possibly be brought to life if one is unable to plumb the evil depths of child trafficking and the dark underbelly of bonded child labour.

For the role, Boman needed to bring himself face-to-face with the ugliness and squalor of poverty and oppression that forms the backdrop of child trafficking in India. He had to acquire an in-depth understanding of the underlying circumstances and develop an intense sense of empathy in order to “become” Kailash Satyarthi.

P Mark Mustard Oil is extremely proud that its brand ambassador is playing such an iconic role. As a brand, we too strive to remain closely connected to the realities that comprise the lives of our consumers who come from all walks of life; some of them are located in the remote interiors of the country – and yet we have remained connected with them for more than 80 years.

Like Boman Irani, we too believe that it’s always about people, relationships and connections. And that’s why our customers believe in us just as Boman’s fans believe in his unwavering ability to do justice to every challenging role he undertakes.

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