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Wazwan – the legendary cuisine of Kashmir – is an integral part of Kashmiri traditions, celebrations and festivities. Its historical roots can be traced back to the early fifteenth century – and the recipes and their ingredients have steadily changed across centuries of evolution. P Mark Mustard Oil takes a special sense of pride in being a part of this rich tradition for more than eight decades – our journey in Kashmir started way back in 1933.

To celebrate its deep-rooted connection with Wazwan, P Mark Mustard Oil is producing – in collaboration with News 18 Urdu – a five-episode television series called Mezbaan-e-Wazwan. The series features two well-known Indian chefs: Chef Harpal Sokhi of Turban Tadka fame, and Chef Abbas Bhat – a modern-day exponent of ancient Wazwan methods and techniques.

The series will begin next month and will be on air all through October till early November. So if you are a food lover or an ardent seeker of exotic recipes… stay tuned!

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