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The Kashmiri Way

There are many areas across India where Mustard Oil plays a role that goes far beyond that of a cooking oil. For instance, in Punjab and Bengal, it is used to create the mouth-watering gravies that the cuisines from these regions are known for.

In Kashmir, Mustard Oil is a superhero that plays multiple roles in many recipes, especially the traditional Wazwan recipes. Mustard Oil is used as a marinade for meat (you saw that in the Rista recipe in an earlier post); it is used to create the delicious gravies (Tadka) that are poured over various Wazwan dishes just before they are served; it is used as a main ingredient that gives the ancient Wazwan recipes their characteristic taste; and it is a naturally superior cooking oil that retains all its nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants right through the lengthy cooking process that Wazwan entails.

This is what Boman Irani, the brand ambassador for P Mark Mustard Oil, talks about in this video:

The versatility of Mustard Oil can also be seen in a new television series called Mezbaan-e-Wazwan, presented by P Mark Mustard Oil, and currently airing on News 18 Urdu. The show features authentic Wazwan recipes demonstrated by celebrity chefs Harpal Sokhi and Abbas Bhat.

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