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The Nobel Laureate… and his Mustard Oil

The Nobel Laureate… and his Mustard Oil

Having been around for more than eighty years, P Mark Mustard Oil understandably has quite a fan following. We hear so many stories about loyal customers who undertake great pains – even inconvenience – to transport their favourite oil to destinations where it isn’t readily available.

For instance, there’s a Bengali lady whose husband has been transferred to Chennai. She skips the convenience of air travel and commutes by train from New Delhi to Chennai every few months… just to carry her stock of P Mark Mustard Oil! Likewise, there is an elderly customer in a remote corner of Ladakh who carries his stock of P Mark Mustard Oil from Srinagar to Ladakh – twice a month! Such stories are always gratifying – and deeply humbling – for us.

That’s why it came as no surprise when we heard this rather amusing story about Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen. When he was appointed as Master at Trinity College, Cambridge his biggest grouse was that he couldn’t get good old Indian Mustard Oil in the United Kingdom!

So on every trip he made from India to the UK, Sen made it a point to carry bottles of Mustard Oil back with him. That was the secret of his happy contented life at Cambridge.

We would have loved to see the expression on the faces of the Customs officials at Heathrow Airport every time Sen landed there!

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