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The secrets behind the unwavering quality of P Mark Mustard Oil

P Mark Mustard Oil is a premium mustard oil brand from Puri Oil Mills, a company that has been engaged in manufacturing and promoting mustard oil since last eight decades. P Mark has been a benchmark of quality whenever we talk of mustard oil and its purity. Puri Oil Mills is an organization which has always been promoting “Made in India” products and trying educating people that Domestic Mustard Oil (Made in India) is best for Indian heart along with many other health benefits.

P mark Mustard Oil

P mark Mustard Oil

Here are the secrets of unwavering quality of P Mark Mustard Oil

Puri Oil Mills follow a very generic process of manufacturing mustard oil and ensure the quality of it at every step to ensure the purest form of mustard oil manufacturing for the brand P mark. These are the steps involved

  1. Collection of Mustard Seeds from the Farmers

Mustard seeds are procured from India’s best Mustard Cultivation Area’s across the countries directly from the farmer’s farm to ensure the quality and the collected seeds are again checked for the quality.

  1. Buhler Sorting Systems for filtering best quality seeds

Collected seeds are brought into the factory where it has to go through Buhler Sorting System which filters the best quality seeds which are of set standards to ensure that only best quality of seeds are used in producing mustard oil.

  1. 52 Quality checks followed through entire manufacturing process

Puri Oil Mills manufacturing is well-equipped with in-house laboratory and testing machines and each lot of mustard oil which is manufactured, undergoes a series of quality checks which are 52 in numbers. Entire manufacturing process has 52 quality checks at each step to ensure the best quality of oil manufactured.

  1. 14 Testing Parameters for every batch of seeds

Every batch of mustard seeds coming to the factory has to pass 14 testing parameters which is a standard procedure that is followed always.

  1. Quality is an integral part of organizational DNA

P Mark Mustard Oil is known for quality and this is part of our organizational DNA now and every member of Puri Oil Mills Family is accountable for quality of the mustard oil which is promoted and marketed as brand name – P Mark.

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