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Wazwan… Now on National Television

For those food lovers and cooking enthusiasts who particularly enjoy all things exotic, spicy and out-of-the-ordinary, here’s a television series that will tickle the taste-buds and entice the olfactory system. It’s called Mezbaan-e-Wazwan and it tells you all about recreating the wonders of the rich culinary tradition of Kashmir… in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Wazwan expert – Chef Abbas Bhat from Srinagar – takes viewers on a fascinating journey into authentic recipes, traditional preparation methods and the nuances of juggling spices, exotic ingredients and unique flavours and fragrances. He is accompanied by well-known food-and-fun expert Chef Harpal Sokhi. Together they take Wazwan to a different level altogether… keeping the heritage value intact and, at the same time, making this ancient culinary tradition relevant for contemporary audiences.

The recipes are authentic… the flavours are incredible… and the mood is upbeat!

Watch the episodes online… right here:

And don’t stop at just watching Mezbaan-e-Wazwan on national television… become a Waza and make your own Wazwan dishes.

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