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Why Would Anyone Do That?


Would you buy Carrots without the Vitamin A that they are known to contain? Would you consume Cucumbers that were specially created to avoid rehydrating your body? Would you pay a packet to buy Kale that did not contain the natural antioxidants that Kale is supposed to be packed with?

Of course not! That’s like asking would you buy a car without an engine! The entire idea is utterly absurd.

And that brings us to the question: Why would you buy Mustard Oil without the pungency? Pungency is the dominant characteristic of Mustard Oil. Pungency is your assurance that the Mustard Oil you are buying is pure, high-grade and free from impurities and harmful additives. Why would you sacrifice these qualities?

These days there are some brands who are offering Mustard Oil with no pungency, or sometimes, low pungency. They try to make it sound like it’s a good thing. No, it’s not. No way!

The “Pungent Principle” in Mustard Oil comes from a nutrient known as Allyl Isothiocyanate – AITC in short. AITC gives Mustard Oil powerful cancer-fighting properties. It is because of AITC that mustard is used in the treatment and prevention of colon, stomach and colorectal cancers.

Why would you walk away from these benefits? Why would anyone do that?

Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks and dishonest claims. Remain loyal to pungent cold-pressed Mustard Oil like millions of Indians have done… for thousands of years.

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