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Winter’s Oil


This blog has regularly highlighted the external uses of Mustard Oil during the cold winter months. Being rich in Vitamin E and natural antioxidants, the oil is ideal for skincare and body massage. The natural heating properties of the oil also help in creating an effective delivery system – the pores of the skin open up, allowing the nutrients to penetrate and work at subcutaneous levels. Thus, Mustard Oil isn’t just an epidermal application, it even works at deeper levels – soothing muscles and promoting cellular health.

However, while many people are aware of these traditional uses of Mustard Oil in skincare, massage and even hair care, they don’t know that the oil is also an ideal edible oil for winter.

Winter is a time when the weather makes the body’s metabolism turn sluggish. It is also a time for a host of illnesses – cough, cold, congestion, etc. Mustard Oil improves the functioning of the metabolic system and builds up the immune system. Its heating action is particularly suitable for fighting (and easing) coughs, colds and congestion. In fact, for centuries Indians have used Mustard Oil as a natural inhaler for clearing the respiratory tract and preventing respiratory discomfiture and diseases.

Most important of all, Mustard Oil is known to have powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. All these attributes remain completely intact even after cooking. As a result, Mustard Oil is able to work effectively inside your body, toning the digestive system, preventing diseases and ailments of the digestive tract, keeping your heart healthy, and balancing your triglyceride levels by enhancing good cholesterol (HDL) and reducing bad cholesterol (LDL).

So if you aren’t already doing so… switch to Mustard Oil this winter… and stick with this choice all the year round – because Mustard Oil is an edible oil for all seasons.

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