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Winter Woes


Like it or not – the advent of winter inevitably brings with a set of aches and pains and ailments, in particular for infants and the elderly. Fortunately, we Indians are well prepared for it; we have our very own set of time-worn tried and tested home remedies to fight Winter’s Woes.

Winter brings with it a wide range of bone and muscular ailments – joint pains, muscular aches and arthritic irritants. But there’s a simple way to tackle all of these. Warm mustard oil in a small pan – not too hot, just enough to be comfortable. Take a tablespoon of this warm mustard oil and mix it with one tablespoon of onion juice in a bowl.

Take a damp towel and use a hot iron to heat it. Now gently apply the mustard oil-onion juice paste over the afflicted area. Cover the area with the hot moist towel. Don’t apply any pressure… and don’t massage the mustard oil-onion juice mixture into the skin. Just let it be. Remove the towel after around 10 minutes. The aches and pains will start fading soon.


Here’s another home remedy for the little ones. To prevent coughs and colds during the winter months, heat one tablespoon of mustard oil and add three cloves of garlic. Mix thoroughly and apply the mixture to the soles of the feet before a bath or before going to bed at night.

With Mustard Oil you are always ready to face the winter!

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