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Your Face Needs Special Care

Right now there are two threats to your face. First, the onset of the dry winter weather is bad for your skin in general – but in particular, it inflicts more harm to your face because the skin on your face is more tender and sensitive. Second, the rising levels of air pollution mean that there are more free radicals floating around in the environment, damaging the skin cells, especially your facial skin.

So here is a time-tested, completely natural home remedy for a do-it-yourself facial treatment that protects your face and keeps your skin soft, supple and well-moisturized. It is highly effective mainly because this is a Mustard Oil-based facial treatment. The natural heating properties of the oil open up the pores of the skin. In this way the treatment unblocks and cleanses the pores, and allows the nutrients to penetrate and work deep within the skin on your face.

In a bowl take three tablespoons of cold-pressed Mustard Oil. Add some gram flour (Besan) – enough to create a thick paste. The mixture should not be thin or watery. Next, add one teaspoon of curd along with a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Mix well.

Apply this mixture evenly all over your face, making sure you cover the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and the portion underneath your jaw.

Leave the face mask on for around 15 minutes and then wash it away using warm water. Give your face this treatment at least three to four times a week and you will feel the difference.

This facial treatment is completely natural, chemical-free and safe. It’s a simple way to keep your face glowing through the winter months.

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