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For fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious folks, the Coronavirus pandemic has created a very difficult situation. Gyms had to be shut down – and even as and when they eventually open, the risks associated with a visit to the gym will continue to be worrisome. Under the circumstances, many people are forced to workout at home and maintain their fitness regimens to the best of their ability.

Speaking at a webinar organized by the Hindustan Times media group, well-known fitness expert Vesna Jacob had some very useful advice for those working out at home. She pointed out that cold-pressed Mustard Oil – commonly found in many Indian kitchens – is a very useful and versatile substance for fitness enthusiasts. For starters, the Selenium content in this oil has strong anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling, muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving properties. Moreover, Mustard Oil is a “hot” oil – and this heating attribute opens up the pores of the skin and enables the oil to work at deeper subcutaneous levels.

So if you are working out at home, it’s always useful to have Mustard Oil close at hand for relieving aches, pains and sprains… but there’s more. This oil is known to tone and strengthen muscles and tendons; it improves joint function; and it increases muscle mass and enhances performance by helping protein synthesis in muscle cells. Moreover, a pre-workout rubdown with Mustard Oil improves blood circulation, eases muscular tension and detoxifies the body. Cold-pressed Mustard Oil – it’s an essential fitness tonic for your workouts.

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