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Our Group Businesses

MRPC – Our R&D Wing

MRPC – Our R&D Wing

MRPC, the R&D wing of Puri Oil Mills Limited, is an advanced Food Testing Laboratory, accredited by NABL and SIRO, equipped with cutting-edge facilities for a diverse range of tests and analyses. We specialize in the field of food products and edible oils, offering services such as nutritional value testing, quality analysis according to FSSAI and AGMARK standards, and the identification of adulterants.

Established in 1999, its innovative R&D initiatives have resulted in the acquisition of patents and the development of various value-added products to our portfolio.

POM Hydro Energy Limited

Puri Oil Mills Limited has diversified into small hydropower projects. Starting with three sites in the scenic upper Kullu Valley and Mandi district, known for their reliable water supply, we have successfully launched the Chaksi Plant, generating 2.4 MW of power. Soon, we will execute the Uhl (14 MW) and Killi Behl (7.5 MW) projects in Himachal Pradesh. Two of the four sites in Haryana, Khukni and Mussapur, generate 2.8 MW each and are located near Ladwa, while Khajuri and Mainmatti generate 2.7 MW and 2.3 MW respectively. Mussapur was commissioned on 17th June 2011, and Khukni a few months later on 31st August 2011.

POM Hydro Energy Limited

Puri Brothers

Under Puri Brother, we operate two IOC Petrol Pumps. The station at Kullu, Himachal Pradesh caters to the entire tourist traffic to the Kullu- Manali area and the station at Mallikpur, Punjab caters to the entire highway traffic headed to Jammu & Kashmir.

Established in 1968 & 1969, these stations are among the first oldest IOC pumps in the region.

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