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Edible Oils

Discover alternative edible oils within our portfolio to meet diverse range of requirements.

P Mark Refined Soyabean Oil

P Mark Refined Soyabean Oil 



Now you can choose quality for other edible oil options too!

P Mark Refined Soyabean Oil 

Experience the richness of P Mark Refined Soyabean Oil, carefully sourced from top-tier manufacturing units. With meticulous packaging that bears the hallmark of P Mark's quality, this oil brings versatility to your cooking experience.

P Mark Refined Soyabean Oil
P Mark Julley Oil

P Mark Julley Oil 

​P Mark Julley brings light to our stronghold of Leh, Ladakh. Offering oil-based lighting solutions, this product is exclusively available in Ladakh.

P Mark Yellow Mustard Oil 

P Mark yellow Mustard oil, the latest addition to the company’s portfolio, is produced using a natural method. No chemical or artificial flavour is added, and the seeds are sourced from India's best yellow mustard growing regions. This product was created keeping in mind the consumers who like their mustard oil with a mild aroma and gentle flavour without compromising the nutritional profile. 

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