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The Last Word 
in Mustard

We are guided by the vision to be acknowledged as “the last word in mustard”. Established in 1933, Puri Oil Mills Ltd. is a proud manufacturer of India’s leading brand of mustard oil, P Mark Mustard Oil.  You can watch our journey till now here



Our Mission

"We are committed towards quality, value enhancement, human resource development and customer satisfaction by optimal use of available resources aimed at achieving growth and excellence."

Our Manufacturing Units

Moga Manufacturing Unit
Moga, Punjab

Established in 1933, Devi Dass Gopal Krishan, a unit of Puri Oil Mills Limited, is the oldest and largest manufacturing facility in our portfolio.

Division Branches are Jammu, Srinagar, Solan and Chandigarh.

Bahadurgarh Manufacturing Unit
Bahadurgarh, Haryana

Strategically located in the heart of the mustard seed growing belt of Haryana and Rajasthan.

Division Branch is Bhagpat.

Damtal Manufacturing Unit
Damtal, Himachal Pradesh

Rapidly growing facility meeting the rising demand in a high-consumption region

Division Branches are Bhuntur, Mandi and Pathankot.

Our Journey



National Quality Award Winner


Won the International Star of Quality


Launched P Mark Fortified Mustard Oil

Our Journey
Our legacy continues...

MRPC set up to boost R&D


ISO 22000 Certified Company


Actor Boman Irani becomes our Brand ambassador

Our Patents 

  • A process for the extraction of allyl-isothiocyanate (Patent no. 278628)

  • A novel solvent composition for protein extraction (Patent no. 272066)

  • A process for extraction and purification of mustard protein isolates and system there of (Patent no. 269001)

  • Mustard Oil Based Hard Surface Cleaner Formulation and Process for Manufacture (Patent no. 288438)

  • Bio-Diesel From Fatty Acids (Patent no. 283047)

Messsage from the Managing Director

Message from the 
Managing Director

Any claims of being perfect are inevitably vain and unrealistic. As a company, Puri Oil Mills Limited makes no such claims. We do, however, take pride in the fact that our proven track record in manufacturing mustard oil for more than seven and a half decades has enabled us to embark on a process of continually improving the quality of our products, their packaging and distribution, and the salience of the P Mark brand as a whole. All these initiatives are driven by an unmatched focus on customer-centricity.


Our customers lie at the very core of our quality initiatives and we, therefore, invite customers and other stakeholders to suggest means and modalities for further improvement in our products and services.

-Mr Vivek Puri, Managing Director, Puri Oil Mills Limited

Our Achievements


International Star for Quality Award

We proudly received the esteemed international Star for Quality Award Geneva 2006 from Business Initiative Directions (BID) at the 31st International WQC Convention in Geneva. This recognition symbolizes our unwavering dedication to quality, leadership, technology, and innovation, and marks a significant milestone for our company.

The award ceremony, held on October 30, 2006, at the Geneva Convention Hall in the Inter-Continental Hotel, was attended by delegates from 47 countries, distinguished business leaders, and members of the diplomatic corps. This accolade not only acknowledges our ongoing pursuit of quality but also showcases the growing global recognition of Indian companies for their focus on excellence and innovation.


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