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How Suitable Is Your Oil For Indian Cooking?

Indian cooking involves a lot of extended heating and deep frying, and some recipes even require multiple stages of heating. This means that the cooking oil being used must have a high smoking point. When any oil is heated beyond its smoking point, processes like oxidation and hydrolysis set in, resulting in degradation of the oil and the production of various harmful compounds that are toxic and can cause cancer.

That is why a Mediterranean oil like extra virgin olive oil is extremely unsuitable for Indian cooking. This style of cooking typically requires heating to temperatures of 180 to 190o C – but extra virgin olive oil has a smoking point of 190o C. In comparison, cold-pressed Mustard Oil is ideal for Indian cooking because it has a very high smoking point of 250o C.

Speaking at a webinar organized by the Hindustan Times media group, one of the leading lights of the culinary profession in India, Chef Manjit Gill, highlighted this unique attribute of Mustard Oil which makes it ideal for healthy Indian cooking and deep frying.

Chef Manjit Gill makes a very important point in this video clip. He emphasizes the fact that you can comfortably cook all Indian dishes in cold-pressed Mustard Oil without worrying about any degradation of the oil. Even at high temperatures it remains stable and retains all its nutrients – including its natural Vitamin E content, its vital Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and its richness in healthy Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids.

So for all you cooking enthusiasts out there who love making Indian food – cold-pressed Mustard Oil is the most suitable oil for your culinary creations. Go for it!

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